by Brians Tjipto

I was born on 29 May 2004 in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. I started folding origami when I was four years old. My family at first was not very supportive, but after they saw what I can make using origami, they started to support me. I always love to make animal origami, as it is really fun to fold! I love spreading my love of origami to my friends at school or during events such as workshops and classes. I feel happy when I am folding and designing my own origami. I hope that I can spread my origami skill to many more people in my country and other countries.

Brians Tjipto

When I learned that this year was the Golden Dog year, I immediately took some paper and started designing. I knew that I must start with a fish base, as it gives me two legs as a head start, so i just need two more legs with a tail and also a head. So I started doing it, than I felt that when I make the body, it was too fat, so I need to cut it down. So I decided to open sink the model so the body is not as fat. Then I started to make some drafts and some attempts. Then I need two legs and a tail, so I give one side a squash fold, and that creates two legs and a flap. The flap is then use to make the tail. And finally on the top there is another flap for the head, so I made the head, which was tricky. It uses some fold that is not as hard. I open the flap and fold a diagonal fold. And when I see potential i continue changing and flipping the model around to make the perfect dog head. And finally it is done! When I see the hind legs are colored differently, I must make the front leg even colored. So I change the color of the front legs with a simple outside reverse fold to make the legs the. The tail was just a simple rabbit ear fold. And this is my first finished attempt.

Click on photo for diagrams.

I tried to make different styles. I first made the sit pose, which was not as easy as I thought, but then I figured it out with a simple crimp fold! So this is what turned out.

Sitting dog.

I then developed other styles and made the standing dog, playing dog, and down dog.

Left: Standing dog. Right: Down dog.

Happy Folding! Try to make some other styles! And shape it with me!

– Brians Tjipto