Edited by Jane Rosemarin
The Double-Leaf Ornament, folded by Jane Rosemarin. See PDF diagrams.

Editor’s Note: The Double-Leaf Ornament can be found in Anita’s Book “Easy Origami Ornaments,” which can be found online at https://colorpage.us/product/easy-origami-ornaments and elsewhere, by doing a search.

Anita writes:

The book happened because I used to teach an origami ornament at our local bookstore, then called Booktrader, at the annual Saugerties Village holiday celebration. It became popular with the kids. One year I heard a mom say, “Let’s not stand on line. Let’s go get cookies at the bakery.” “The boy said, “No. I want to fold.”

So I asked Rich Frisbie, the store owner, who also published books of local history, if we could do a book of easy ornaments. When he agreed, I set to work.

The ornament with twice as many pleats.