Edited by Jane Rosemarin
Fiorella by Madhura Gupta. Folded and photographed by the author. See PDF diagrams.

Another year comes to an end. And it has become a kind of little tradition, if I may say so, for me to share the diagrams of my models on The Fold at this time of the year.

Fiorella is one of my favorite models. This little flower, made from a hexagon, is elegant and simple to fold. To fold Fiorella, start with a square that is at least 15 cm on each side, and then proceed to obtain a hexagon. I usually fold it with kami paper and love how the white stripes appear on each petal, but feel free to experiment with different papers and sizes. I hope you enjoy folding it. My best wishes to you for the year ahead — I hope it is filled with love, light, happiness, peace and all things wonderful.