Edited by Jane Rosemarin
The Floral Brooch was designed and folded by Arnold Tubis. See PDF diagrams. A link to directions for cutting a regular hexagon from a square are at the end of this article.

Editor’s note: The Floral Brooch is based on Brooch 1 From a Regular Hexagon, which you can see in this article. Arnold designed the brooch as we were preparing Brooch 1 for publication.

Arnold writes: I made some of these modified brooches for members of my retirement complex in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware who wanted to wear some reddish pink brooches while viewing a large-screen showing of the “Barbie” movie.

I have found that the floral-shape variation from a regular hexagon easily generalizes to similar variations starting with regular pentagons and heptagons.

Neighbors of Arnold Tubis wear his Floral Brooch to attend a screening of Barbie. Photo by Claudia Ryan.

PDFs of Previously Published Brooches

Clicking on the links will download the diagrams.

A One-Cut Heptagon From a Square.
Seven-Pointed Star Brooch 1.
Seven Pointed Star Brooches 2 and 3.
An Equilateral Triangle From a Square.
Brooch 1 From an Equilateral Triangle.
Brooch 2 From an Equilateral Triangle.
Brooches 3-7 From Equilateral Triangles.
Brooch 1 From a Square.
Brooch 2 From a Square.
A Regular Pentagon From a Square.
Brooch 1 From a Regular Pentagon.
Brooch 2 From a Regular Pentagon.
Brooch 3 and 4 From Regular Pentagons.
A Regular Hexagon From a Square.
Brooch 1 From a Regular Hexagon.