A design by Wensdy Whitehead
Edited by Jane Rosemarin
Using a technique she called shovel folding, Wensdy Whitehead created the word “FOLD.” The model uses a 1-by-2 rectangle. Folded and photographed by Wensdy Whitehead. See PDF diagrams.

Wensdy Whitehead was born on June 24, 1971, and lived until May 7, 2023. She was raised in Michigan, was graduated from Cornell University, and resided in the Boston area most of her adult life. She began folding at the age of four. She was a veteran and entrepreneur with a specialty in origami and computer science. She had a fun sense of humor filled with folded puns. From shovel-folding to shape-folded words, to Pottergami (Harry Potter models), to her heart-transplant technique of adding hearts to designs, and so much more, Wensdy was a smart, intellectual, caring person. Learn more and fold Wensdy’s designs at origamimuseum.org/wensdy-whitehead.
— Lisa B. Corfman