I am Roman Remme, and I study physics in Heidelberg, Germany. My speciality is geometric origami and I love using mathematics to design origami tessellations, or even use origami to visualize math.

Roman Remme

I normally do not publish instructions for my models, since the process I use is the famous 3-step method: 1. pre-crease everything, 2. collapse, 3. shape (in my case just a tiny bit). So I was quite glad when I found a very nice folding sequence to the Iso-Area Star I want to present here, as my first model in the Fold:

Click on photo for diagrams.

I came up with this Star for the 2018 Origami CDO convention, which was one of the best conventions I have ever been to and also the first one where I was a special guest. So for me it is connected to that great memory. The main reason I like this model is its geometry. The core is an iso-area hexagonal twist, completed in step 9. A very similar model using the same twist, credited to Toshikazu Kawasaki, can be found on pp. 88-89 in Origami for the Connoiseur published in 1987 by Kasahara and Takama. The twist also is used in a lot of complex tessellations, notably some very beautiful ones by Joel Cooper. I have designed tessellations almost solely using this twist (see examples here and here).

I hope you enjoy folding the star and maybe even use the twist in your own designs!

Roman Remme