by Richard Alexander, diagrams by Michael LaFosse

In 2006 we got a call from the Animal Rescue League of Boston, asking if there was a suitable origami dog design they could use in a 10,000 piece fund-raiser mailing. I searched the literature, but was dissatisfied. I was fond of Michael LaFosse's Classic Cardinal, and wanted to hijack his brilliant pull-out to raise the dog's head, just as Michael raised the Cardinal's crest. Greg Mudarri was helping with computer graphics at Origamido Studio at the time, and I sat down with him for three hours one afternoon, and we produced the master for the Rescue League, complete with mountain & valley markings and kanji strokes on the side, meaning, "Dog's Year". We unveiled the design with the folks from ARLofB at Boston Symphony Hall, amidst 3,000 kids attending the Children's Classical Music Cartoon Festival, sponsored by Boston's classical radio station. Some kids were folding along with me, some were watching our video loop playing simultaneously above me on a big screen TV. Our table space was so inadequate that at some times the kids were eight deep, folding against each others' backs!

Click on photo for diagrams.

In addition to the diagrams, here are video instructions, along with a printout you can fold.

More complete diagrams and videos can be found in Ultimate Origami and Story-Gami.

Click on photo for printout for folding.

Richard Alexander