Mayur folded with duo and washi papers. Click on picture for diagrams.

Mayur (मयूर) is the Indian name for peacock, the national bird of India. I designed Mayur in 2014 and dedicated it to the Indian origami convention, Wonderfold 2014, hosted by Origami Mitra. It was also quite a coincidence that Origami Mitra's logo is a peacock. Now I am releasing the diagrams to celebrate World Origami Days, October 24–November 11, 2015.

Mayur is a low to high intermediate design with color change. Almost all kinds of paper are suitable for folding this design. My favorite papers to fold Mayur with are washi, two sided chiyogami, as well as wrapping paper. A peacock feather print paper with a plain reverse side would of course be ideal. If you happen to fold with such paper, please do post photos in the comment section.

-- Meenakshi Mukerji