Editor's Note: The title of this article is adapted from Mo Willem's Happy Pig Day. Thanks to Kathy Riley for inspiring this article by bringing Edwin's Pig 3 to a folding get together.

Here are a few Pig models that I’ve designed over the years.

The first is one of my oldest models (from 1988). It uses a Preliminary Base in a slightly unusual way, and although the ears are not well secured the finished model is simple and has a quite nice “pig-like” feel to it.

Pig 1. Click on photo for diagrams.


The Pig with Moving Tail starts with a blintzed version of a simple “base” or starting point that has been used in other models. At the time I was experimenting with blintzing existing bases and then opening out the flaps to see what could be done with the released paper. The result is a bit odd, and the moving tail was admittedly an unexpected bonus rather than something that was planned. In fact, to be honest, it's not really a very good action, but I kept the model because the folding sequence does have some interesting parts to it.

Pig 2. Click on photo for diagrams.


This model uses A4 paper and gives a quite nice and easily reproducible 3D result without the need for wet folding.

Pig 3. Click on photo for diagrams.


The last one starts with an original (?) base that I’ve used in a number of models. The model is 3D and is a little tricky to get just right, but it can look good if made well.

Pig 4. Click on photo for diagrams.