Edited by Jane Rosemarin
The vulture and owl hieroglyphs folded by the designer. See PDF diagrams.

The owl stood for the sound of M in the Egyptian alphabet. Though most ancient Egyptian words were written as groups of consonants, the vulture represented the sounds of the short A, the short E and the short O.

A rubbing of a scarab-ring bezel produced in Egypt between 664 and 405 B.C. The piece is housed in the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. / Creative Commons License

Editor’s note: The Owl and Vulture Hieroglyphs are among the multitude of designs Anita created for her “Stone in Paper: Ancient Egypt” exhibit at the 2002 OrigamiUSA convention. Photos of the display are available here. The Fold published diagrams for Anita’s Sphinx, also from the 2002 exhibit. You can find the article and diagrams here.