Marc Vigo

There currently is a fundraiser to help bring Marc, along with the rest of OAS, to the 2019 Pacific Coast Origami Convention (PCOC) to be held in Portland, Oregon (12-16 September 2019). If the PCOC fundraiser meets its goal, those of us attending PCOC will be able to learn this model from Marc in person! Please consider making a donation before February 3, 2019.

I created this wild boar in April 2016. Like the vast majority of the models I have designed in the last three years, it was the result of an OAS weekly challenge. It was conceived, thus, in a week. In fact, since it was my third OAS challenge, I was so enthusiastic that I designed two completely different boars. While the first one -- this one -- has diagonal symmetry, the second boar has lateral symmetry (you can see both models and their CPs on my flickr page. At first my favorite of the two was the second boar, because it seemed to me to be more realistic; this one has a head that is definitely too big. But, once again, I quickly verified that people often prefer big headed animals (there is a psychological reason: babies have a head bigger than adults, and this appeals to our parental instincts). Thus, I only have drawn diagrams for the first model. The second boar remains in my growing list of figures pending to be reviewed or diagrammed someday, hopefully before the end of the Year of the Pig/Boar.

Click on photo – courtesy of Rui Roda – for diagrams

-Marc Vigo