Diagrammed by Jane Rosemarin
The Truncated Tetrahedral Box by Arnold Tubis is folded from a hexagon. Shown here open and closed. Photo and folding by Jane Rosemarin. See PDF diagrams.

Text by Jane Rosemarin

Arnold Tubis taught this box during the April online meeting of the Greater San Diego Origami Group. I enjoyed folding it tremendously, so I asked Arnold if he would allow me to diagram his design and publish it in The Fold. He agreed, and here it is.

Arnold writes: “This is another of my models that was inspired by the works of the late Philip Shen. In particular, steps 5 through 12 describe a signature Shen folding maneuver.”

Philip Shen’s models are elegantly designed and satisfying to fold. You can find them scattered in books and magazines, but the most comprehensive source is British Origami booklets, two of which are devoted to his work. The booklets are available at the British Origami store on the Color Tree website. They are “Philip Shen: selected geometric folds,” compiled by Paul Jackson and “Philip Shen: More Geometric Paperfolds,” compiled by Boaz Shuval. These are links to ebooks, but “More Geometric Paperfolds” is also available from Color Tree in a print edition.

While I’m providing links, I must mention that several of Arnold Tubis’s books are available in print editions and ebooks at The Origami Source.

I would like to thank Ian McRobbie for reviewing the diagrams.


April 26, 2024 - 5:33pm Edward Holmes

What a delightful model and folding sequence! I earmarked this as soon as it was published, and have been meaning to fold it ever since. I finally got around to folding it this evening and I'm very pleased with the results. I'm looking forward to folding it with some nicer paper. I found a hexagon cut from a sheet of A4/letter copy paper to be about the right size, certainly for a first fold. Thank you Arnold, for the design, Jane, for diagramming it so clearly and Ian, for reviewing the diagrams.