Edited by Jane Rosemarin
Seven-Pointed Star Brooches 2 and 3 from regular heptagons. The tips of the stars curve upward. Designed and folded by Arnold Tubis. Diagrams by Marc Kirschenbaum. See PDF diagrams.
Diagrams for a simple method for folding and one-cutting a very nearly exact regular heptagon from a square are available here: See PDF diagrams.

We show in this article how to fold two seven-pointed star brooches from regular heptagons.

An easy way to fold and one-cut an accurate regular heptagon is detailed in an earlier article in The Fold.

These brooches are labeled numbers 2 and 3. Brooch 3 is a simple variation of Brooch 2. Another seven-pointed star brooch (Brooch 1) was published previously in The Fold.

Beads are inserted at the centers of the brooches for decorative effect.