Edited by Jane Rosemarin

Origami is a beautiful textural and cognitive exploration. Two years ago, I was gifted a soft-blue packet of washi paper. I made some of my favorite models, and then I started exploring. Over a three-week period, I started my journey as an origami designer. I focused on the folds needed to make a Fortune Teller and discovered what many designers before me have learned: Small alterations lead to very different results. Wreaths, modulars, popping and spinning toys started to appear in my hands, and I was entranced.

This spinning top originally consisted of two parts, the spindle and a cap, to allow the model to spin. Over time I have reviewed the initial models and streamlined them where I could.

The model you see now requires only one piece of paper, but the folds still reflect my early exploration of the traditional Fortune Teller.

The Spinning top, designed and folded by Grace Matthews. See PDF diagrams.