Edited by Sara Adams
Star Ypóthesi, as folded by Sara Adams. See PDF diagrams.

Modular origami is the area I have dedicated myself to. I have created some kusudamas, but most often I come up with stars. Star Ypóthesi came into existence while I was watching a TV series that talked about hypotheses and theories. This inspired its name: Ypóthesi is the Greek word for hypothesis.

I was at first uncertain whether the module I was working on would result in a satisfactory model, but as I progressed, I realized I had found a new design. I absolutely love the seemingly infinite possibilities of creation in origami, especially in the area of modulars. It is surprising to see what wonderful results we can achieve just by combining valley and mountain folds.

Editor’s Note: I edited the original diagrams, translating the text from Portuguese to English. While the diagrams are so clear that they can be followed even without the accompanying text, the written instructions may help clarify steps if there is any doubt.