I designed this simple 8 unit modular star back in September of 2016. Before then I mainly  designed single-sheet recursive models, so this design was a result of experimenting with  color changes and modular locking techniques. I have dozens of original star designs, so  coming up with the perfect name can sometimes be more challenging than designing the star  itself. This one remained unnamed until I diagrammed it for the 2017 OrigamiUSA Collection.  Right around that time, a powerful winter storm named Stella brought lots of snow and  incredible surf to the East Coast. I am a year-round New Jersey surfer, so after surfing the  swell pumped in by the storm, the name Stella naturally fell into place.

This star is folded from eight sheets of double-sided kraft paper. For the best results, I  recommend using 3” squares with contrasting colors on each side. Patterned paper also  yields some really neat results! Please feel free to submit photos of your rendition on my website.

Click on photo for diagrams

Two variations for the back of the model.

Evan Zodl