Edited by Jane Rosemarin

A brooch made from pearlized paper using eight 1¼-inch squares.

Editor's note: I was delighted to discover that Ilan Garibi was working on the profile of José Meussen that appears in the current issue of The Fold. I’ve admired José’s work for many years, and I still wear the brooches that I made from her Swift Ring diagrams, which were published in The Paper in 1995 (issue 52). We are reprinting the diagrams here to give new readers the opportunity to enjoy this design.

The modules are simple to fold, and they interlock firmly. For an easier connection of the final units, I would suggest beginning the assembly by attaching two units and then separating them. Start again using the second unit as your new first unit, and save the first unit for last. This way, the locking folds are already there when you make the final connection. — Jane Rosemarin

Click on the photo download the folding instructions.