Edited by Jane Rosemarin
Tetra, designed and folded by Joseph Hwang. See PDF diagrams.

Tetra, designed in 2021, is a 12-unit modular. The model is folded from uncut squares and assembled without glue.

Editor’s Notes on Assembly and a Book:

1. The modules are easy to fold but much harder to assemble. This should be a fun challenge for high-intermediate+ folders. Choose Tant or another heavy paper (80 gsm or a bit heavier) that holds a crease well.

Attach three units, as shown in the diagrams. I used paperclips to keep the locks in place. Open out the triangular structure, (and make sure these remain open throughout the assembly). Starting from a flap extending from one side of the triangle, add two modules to make a second triangle. Then using another flap from the original triangle, add two modules to make a third triangle. Then connect adjacent flaps of the two new triangles to create a 4-flap intersection. Follow the photos to continue the assembly. Try to keep triangles correctly oriented — they tend to twist.

Use the photos below as a guide.

2. Other modulars (but not Tetra) by Joseph Hwang are available in his book “The Art of Modular Origami,” which is sold at The Source.

The book was reviewed by Ilan Garibi in The Fold.