by Wayne Brown
Edited by Jane Rosemarin
A newly designed bat by Wayne Brown. Photo and folding by Jane Rosemarin. See PDF diagrams.

The Bat came from an unsuccessful attempt to fold a Batman logo, and I am very pleased with the outcome. The Jack-o’-Lanterns are a development of an earlier design.

Left: Jack-o’-Lantern with four pointy teeth. See PDF diagrams.
Right: Jack-o’-Lantern with a zig-zag smile. See PDF diagrams. Photo and folding by Jane Rosemarin.

I do often try to modify and improve my designs, revisiting them often. I like to create new designs on a seasonal basis, being inspired by my surroundings and seasonal decorations, etc. I have been folding for over 50 years, and I enjoy all types of origami. I strive in my origami designs for simple clean lines but don’t always achieve this. I am an avid origami book collector with a library of over 8,000 books and over 60,000 diagrams of origami models.