Edited by Sara Adams

Every day, for the past two weeks, I created a game for my seven-year-old niece to entertain her during the social distancing due to the pandemic. I sent her crosswords, puzzles and other riddles, but so far I have not proposed any origami. So when I saw Sara Adams’s model (diagrams available in The Fold), I thought of creating a model for her that was easy to do and that she could also teach to her friends during online meetings. I started from the traditional house because it is usually known to kids and used by their teachers. There is no double color change, but I think the heart is still visible, and children can always color it and add other decorations. This is dedicated to all of them.

Un cuore e una capanna, as folded and photographed by Francesco Mancini. See PDF diagrams.

Editor’s note: Un cuore e una capanna roughly translates to a house and a cabin. It is also a pun on the Italian saying due cuori e una capanna, which expresses that true love is content with little.


March 31, 2020 - 7:20pm MyrnaS

The West Nyack Library has an e-newsletter that is going to patrons during the COVID-19 crisis. May I share your story and the diagrams to make this model?

April 1, 2020 - 4:25am mancinerie

Of course, you can share it. It will be my pleasure to know that this project helps other people to go through the confinement.