Edited by Linda Yau

Whirlwind folded with map and harmony paper, (the latter folded and photographed by Charul Patil).
Click on any picture for diagrams.

It is my pleasure to release diagrams for my Whirldwind in open access to celebrate World Origami Days (WOD) 2016. This is my third year of celebrating WOD with a new design, and I hope to make it a tradition. Although I have my own website, what better platform for publishing Whirlwind, than on a forum which exists today because of Lillian Oppenheimer, whose birthday on 24th October kicks off WOD.

Whirlwind is a simple modular design with very few folds per unit. It has a look that reminds me of a whirlwind hence the name. The design features slightly curved surfaces. Any kind of paper will work. You may even use paper with printed patterns, as it will not distract from the simple lines of the model design. Both 12 or 30 unit constructions may be made, as well as those based on other polyhedra. Enjoy WOD 2016!

- Meenakshi Mukerji