The Fold has just reached its 100th article and the end of its first year! We launched on Nov. 11, 2010, and a year later we have published an average of two articles a week including:

While the majority of our content is accessible only to members of OrigamiUSA, over a quarter of our articles are open access to anyone who visits the OrigamiUSA website. Our current team of editors has done a fantastic job of finding and producing content, and I would like to be the first to thank them for their time volunteering, reviewing, and contributing. We are always looking for new recruits to our editorial staff, so if you are interested in volunteering for The Fold, please thefold [at] (contact us).

Now, we are ready to start a new year with a new issue. We've got some great articles lined up, but we are always looking for new content and new volunteers to help make The Fold grow. Many OrigamiUSA members have shared with me their preferences on the type of content which they would like to see in The Fold, but we really have little control over what content we receive. All of our content comes from YOU, the OrigamiUSA membership, and we would love to see many more of you share your origami lives with the rest of the organization!

Every person who submits content that is published in The Fold receives two months of free membership to OrigamiUSA. This includes online access to all members-only content on the OrigamiUSA website including access to ALL articles published previously in The Fold. OrigamiUSA has recently streamlined its submissions process to make submitting content online easier to process. While diagrams are at the core of the content we publish, The Fold is constantly looking for new types of content: videos, reports from local folding groups, book reviews, editorials, crease patterns, and tutorials of all kinds. If you have ideas about a new type of content you'd like us to publish, please thefold [at] (let us know). Submit today!

Starting with Issue 7, all new articles published to The Fold will now have a comments section at the bottom of each page. The Fold has the potential to be more than a magazine: an outlet for members of OrigamiUSA to interact and stay connected to their origami lives. That said, these comments will be moderated for spam, and please post responsibly!

I'm very excited about the next year for The Fold. We would like to continue collaborating with other international origami organizations to get high quality origami content translated and available. If there is something you would like to see in The Fold, please thefold [at] (let us know), or better yet, join the team and help make it happen! At any given time, The Fold represents a cross section of the OrigamiUSA membership, so infuse a little of yourself into the organization and contribute to The Fold!

Jason Ku
The Fold, Managing Editor
November 14th, 2011