by Michael Schlossberg
Edited by Jane Rosemarin

Editor's note: Michael Schlossberg has created an ingenious crossword that morphs into a butterfly ... if you solve the puzzle correctly and follow his diagrams. Look for another of Michael’s puzzles in the New York Times sometime in the next few months.

And look for the first in a new series of origami-themed puzzles in the next issue of The Paper, Origami USA’s magazine for members only, which is available in print and as a downloadable pdf. — J.R.

Here is a crossword puzzle I constructed and an accompanying diagram for a traditional origami butterfly. Since I am new to origami and haven't created original models, I wanted to use a traditional design that was in the public domain. The design in this submission was adapted from several traditional butterflies that I found online and in print and customized to work with my crossword grid. — Michael Schlossberg

Click on the images below for pdfs of the puzzle, the answers and the diagrams:

Click on the grid to download the puzzle.

Click on the question mark to download the solution.

Click on the butterfly to download the folding instructions (the crossword in the photo is filled with the word butterfly so as not to give anything away).