by eddie cabbage and Mark Mittelman
Edited by Jane Rosemarin

This origami poem was composed by a street poet named eddie cabbage, who will type a poem on a vintage typewriter as you watch, when you provide a theme. He types the poem on a vintage post card for $10.

This poem on a card was given to me by friends who saw Mr. cabbage in Asheville, North Carolina recently. I contacted Mr. cabbage, who gave The Fold permission to publish his poem with attribution.

— Mark Mittelman

The poem, typed on an old postcard.

Origami for Mark

the artform and the
spiritual practice
of paper folding
and designing
your time
within every
well thought out
brings you peace
regardless the finished
as bliss found in the
journey of
lifetimes as seed
becomes tree
transforms to paper
so you can
build it

— eddie cabbage,
Poetry On Demand