by Vishakha Apte
Edited by Jason Ku

by Gay Merrill Gross
Paperback box-set
Faux currency paper included
Simple to Intermediate
56 pages
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As a folding enthusiast, this book delighted me with its fun and clever designs ranging from simple models like Design-a-Dress to intermediate ones like the Asian Dragon. Full disclosure here: this reviewer is a fan of Gay’s work and has folded with her for over 15 years now, but that is not the reason why this reviewer purchased the book and folded each and every model in it.

In true Gay Merrill Gross style, this book is well-planned and attention has been paid to the smallest details, such as including a proportional guide, allowing you to fold every model from any country’s paper currency; suggesting variations that can be created by changing the placement of folds; and explaining the symbolism of the models. The instructions and diagrams (beautifully redrawn on the computer by Nick Robinson) are meticulous and this reviewer was able to follow all of them easily.

Some of the models included are traditional designs that have been modified (like the Twist Fish), made better (like the 5-Point Modular Star), and adapted (like the Mediterranean Daisy) to work with paper currency, all to create new versions that will appeal to every level of folder. There are new models too that this reviewer enjoyed thoroughly, particularly Gay’s own designs—the Malachite Butterfly that beautifully showcases both sides of paper currency and the Mandarin Duck that when shaped and made 3-dimensional, stands up in perfect attention.

To stash your folding money there is a very practical bonus model—Fold-Your-Own Wallet made from a letter-size or A4 sheet of paper. Another great feature is that US dollars are not required for folding from this book. All of the designs can be folded from any paper currency, or from half a square, if you prefer not to use money. A gallery of models from the book can be found online. Models folded from currency can be found here. A gallery of models folded from origami paper and other craft papers can be found here. You are sure to find a favorite that you will fold as a tip or as a gift, for years to come. This book is written to welcome all, to the fold and to make the fun of folding paper accessible to a wide audience.

-Vishakha Apte