by Nick Robinson
Edited by Jason Ku

Origami Boxes
NOA books

96 pages
ISBN 978-4-931297-90-6
1800 Yen / ~$22.62
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The latest in a long series of self-published soft jacket books by the NOA (Nipponese Origami Association), this volume is devoted to boxes and containers of various kinds. The pink and black diagrams are (as expected) clear and concise - if you've ever seen a magazine from the Nippon Origami Association (NOA) you will know what to expect.

Forty models are on offer, including a few traditional designs. Sadly, Ed Sullivan's wonderful "un-unfoldable box" is credited as a traditional model, showing how hard we need to work to preserve links between creators and their designs. Whilst most of the designs are containers of the traditional kind (boxes etc), there are a few unusual containers, such as a Christmas Cake, a Jack-O-Lantern, and a House.

   Box with lid by Ishibashi / Tanigawa

Typically with Japanese books, the opening pages are bright, color photos of the models, followed by artwork drawings of them on the index pages. There is no guide to folding symbols; clearly NOA expect potential readers to already have these skills and opt to include an extra model instead. The language is Japanese, although page headings and sub-headings are in English.

One of my favorite designs in the book is Akiko Yamanasi's "shell-shaped box". Another is a "Rose Box" by Ayako Kawate. Both models are pictured on the cover of the book, and both creators have several designs within. Origami luminaries such as Kasahara and Fuse also make an appearance. The creators are exclusively Japanese, with the exception of the final model: curiously enough Edwin Corrie's "simple snap hexahedron". The price of 1800 Yen equates to £14.40 or $22.62, a fair price for a diverse and entertaining set of designs, in my opinion. You can order the book here, but you may need to translate from Japanese.