by David Shall
Edited by Sara Adams
folded by David Shall following the video
Like others of my designs, this rabbit began with just a thought: I wanted to try my hand at a rabbit, which was neither too abstract or cartoonish. At the time (1991) I actually went through my origami library and counted more than 50 rabbit designs, but none of them captured the subject quite as I imagined it. So, what you see now is the result of my effort to make a rabbit that pleased me. While it is also partly abstract, I feel that it captures the form of a seated rabbit nicely.
-David Shall
Sculpture by Alex Pentek, photo courtesy of Leanne Keaney
Diagrams are published in "Papercopia"
Editor's Note

Diagrams are published in David Shall's book "Papercopia", which you can purchase from The Source.

In The Paper Issue 111, you can read about how Irish artist Alex Pentek installed a 20-foot sculpture resembling the model back in 2012. The issue is also available from The Source.