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Video Tutorials Then and Now

This year I am celebrating my 10-year anniversary of making instructional origami videos and uploading them to YouTube (check out my channel here). What started with a simple web cam and about half a year of origami experience has since developed into a quite well-equipped recording area, an accompanying website ( and a loyal following of origami enthusiasts.

Anniversaries often make us look back at how things started, how they developed, and where we are now. In that spirit, I recently revisited a wonderful design, for which I previously had presented a tutorial. To be precise, on March 23rd 2012, I uploaded a video on Jun Maekawa's fantastic 3D rabbit. It was the last tutorial I recorded with my old camera, the last video before life changed fundamentally for me. Just a week later I gave birth to my first son, Felix, who recently celebrated his fifth birthday. Almost exactly five years later, on March 25th 2017, I uploaded a new tutorial for that same rabbit.

What changed since then? I'll let you judge for yourself:

Rabbit (Jun Maekawa), as presented in 2012

Rabbit (Jun Maekawa), as presented in 2017

Did you notice the drastic change in recording quality?

And for a look even further back, I revisited the Hydrangea designed by Shuzo Fujimoto in March 2015, after having initially presented it in July 2007:

Hydrangea (Shuzo Fujimoto), as presented in 2007

Hydrangea (Shuzo Fujimoto), as presented in 2015

Here the changes are even more apparent, not just in recording quality, but also teaching style. What differences strike you most? Leave comments below to let me know!

-Sara Adams