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In the origami community, it is not uncommon to see multiple new designs on one topic popping up around the same time. This phenomenon may be motivated by design competitions, for example when a specific theme is posed for an upcoming origami convention. It may be observed around celebrations: Close to the Chinese New Year, we may see more designs for the next zodiac animal; around Valentine’s Day, we may see more heart-based or flower designs; and around Christmas, stars are a popular subject. Sometimes a designer comes up with a new model, and this motivates others to present their take on it. Current events can also influence our creativity. The U.S. elections in 2016 were one such example. Another example is the current COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken throughout the world to flatten the curve.

In almost all countries, people are asked or required to practice social distancing and self-isolation. Most educational institutions are temporarily closed, as are many workplaces and public places like parks and playgrounds. These are dramatic changes to our everyday lives. Such unusual times bring not only hardship but often also a surge of creativity and commentary in the world of art. The fact that many are at home and some have more free time than before amplifies the effect.

So it is perhaps not unexpected that a series of new origami designs around the current topic of interest have been created. In the spirit of the #stayhome initiative, a popular theme is the combination of a house and a heart. Here is an overview of such models:

14 house and heart models as folded by Sara Adams
# Date Model Designer Paper ratio Instructions (diagrams, video)
1 1995 House of Love Francis Ow 1:4 Origami Hearts
2 1996-10 Home Sweet Home II Sy Chen 1:1 Folding Hearts
3 2011-03 HIWTHI Tricia Tait 1:1 Creased Issue #2
4 2020-03-25 Home is where the heart is Sara Adams 1:1 The Fold
5 2020-03-28 Heart and Home Reza Sarvi 1:1 The Fold
6 2020-03-30 Stay Home Sticker Jass Ng 1:1 Instagram
7 2020-03-31 Un cuore e una capanna Francesco Mancini 1:1 The Fold
8 2020-04-05 Hogar Oz Neyer 1:1 Instagram
9 2020-04-08 Fica em Casa Isa Klein 1:1 YouTube
10 2020-04-10 Stay Home Jo Nakashima 1:1 YouTube
11 2020-04-12 Casinha com coração Lidiane Siqueira 1:1.75 YouTube
12 2020-04-13 House in a Heart Hadi Tahir 1:1 The Fold
13 2020-04-13 Condomínio Isa Klein 1:1 YouTube
14 2020-04-15 La Casa de Papel Lidiane Siqueira 1:1 YouTube
Click to watch a video by Sara Adams showing both the front and reverse of all models.

As you can see, while some models were created before 2020, a surge of house and heart models came into existence only recently. The date given for each model approximates when it was designed. For the older models, I used the publication date, or information the designer provided. For the 2020 models, I used the date on which the creator posted the model on their Instagram or YouTube account.

Most of these models have instructions in the form of video tutorials, PDF diagrams and/or photo diagrams, so I hope you will enjoy folding them, especially if you are staying home, too. It's also a great opportunity to scour your paper stash for red and white sheets.

Finally, if you are aware of further models representing a house and a heart, leave a comment to help complete the list.


Mere days after I finished writing this article, more new house and heart models appeared. Here is a list of the models I became aware of shortly before publishing this piece:

# Date Model Designer Paper ratio Instructions (diagrams, video)
15 2020-04-17 Stay Home カミキィ (Kamikey) 1:1 YouTube
16 2020-04-20 Home Sweet Home - Pureland Sy Chen
17 2020-04-21 Stay Home しゅげい と おりがみ
18 2020-04-22 Stay Home Hearts Sergito Muñoz ~4:1 YouTube


April 27, 2020 - 1:19pm carol.martinson

Stay Home Stay Alive by Sampreet Manna on Facebook in The OrigamiUSA Group on April 11.