The Hong Kong – New Territories – Origami Society was established in October 2007 and has over 100 members in HK. The main objectives of the society are to improve the status of origami arts in Hong Kong, to promote the popularity of origami interests among the public, to strengthen the connection and co-operation of members within the society, and thus to carry forward the prestige of origami arts as a whole.

Left: Origami Workshop by Kade CHAN during the event, Design Inspire in 2018; Right: Origami Workshop by NG Sing Keung at Eye Hospital in August 2018

Since the setup of the society, our members from different walks of life and of different ages worked hard to let the public understand origami in a proper way and to learn origami with the right attitude. As a result, people who are interested in origami can increase their knowledge of the origami arts and share their experience and folding skills with others in our regular monthly meetings and in public exhibitions.

Our society has participated in many promotions and social activities organized by government bodies, social communities and charity organizations in the past years. Those organizations include the Hong Kong Community Chest, Social Welfare Department, Tourist Development Council, Associations and homes for the elderly, and many secondary/primary schools. In particular, our society has carried out many times of large interest talks and exhibitions in the HK Cultural Centre, HK History Museum, HK Science Museum, and HK Wetland Park.

Left: Hong Kong Origami Society Annual Gathering and Workshop on 21 October 2018; Right: New Smart Name Cards™ Workshop by Rocky YEUNG at the Secondary School in July 2018

Nowadays, the development of HK origami arts grows very rapidly. The styles and topics of origami works are various and interesting. Origami artists aim to fold lifelike works as their target. The reason why origami attracts the attention from different areas of the world is not only because of what the works look like, it is because of the design and outlines of works that touch the heart of people.

Top: Origami Workshop by NG Sing Keung at YMCA in December 2018; Bottom: Hong Kong Origami Exhibition at The Link Shop Centre in August 2007