Diagrams edited by Ian McRobbie
The gingerbread house. See PDF diagrams.

This house is a variation of one I designed at the beginning of the pandemic, when many of us were folding models with a stay-at-home theme. Last month, I updated the design and created paper that turns the house into decorated gingerbread. I’ve been folding lots of these to send to my friends.

I’ve included downloadable PDFs of the paper in U.S. letter and A4 size in the links below. The front and back are perfectly aligned, so if your printer feed is precise, you should have no trouble reproducing the design. Or use cookie-colored paper (same color on both sides) and a white paint marker to decorate your own gingerbread houses.

Print the gingerbread house paper using these downloadable files:
See PDF of printable paper in U.S. letter size.
See PDF of printable paper in A4.