Edited by Sara Adams
The House With Heart.

In the course of editing Sara Adams’s compendium of house-heart origami models, I remembered that I had designed a house with a chimney a few years ago. I thought I’d revisit it and see if I could turn the chimney into a heart. That evening, the remodeling was completed, and here is the result.

A few days later, I taught the model at an Origami Minnesota Zoom meeting, and before the session ended, Cye Newman came up with a version folded from a dollar bill. It has a chimney, and it stands as well.

A $ variation devised by Cye Newman. Cye used the extra length of the currency to make a chimney.

The model also works as a corner bookmark.

The House With Heart disguised as a bookmark. Is it time to reread Harry Potter? See PDF diagrams.