Edited by Sara Adams

The model Home Is Where the Heart Is by Sara Adams and a flurry of similarly themed designs that followed, inspired me to design my own house with heart models. I first came up with two models that depict white houses with a red heart, Sweet Home and Sweet Home 2 (PDF diagrams). Motivated to also achieve a color-change roof, I came up with two further designs: LoveMyHome and LoveMyHome 2. The first one of these has a larger heart stretching the entire width of the home and the second one has a smaller heart that does not stretch the entire way across. The houses also have slightly different-looking roofs. I hope you will find enjoyment in folding them during these current, unprecedented, surreal times.

LoveMyHome and LoveMyHome 2. See PDF diagrams.
A side-by-side look at my heart home designs, as folded and photographed by Sara Adams.
Left: My first set, Sweet Homes, with many other finishing possibilities. Right: My second set, LoveMyHomes.
These are numbered 26, 27, 32, and 33 in another article in the current issue of The Fold titled
33 House and Heart Models: An Update by Sara.

Editor’s Note: On June 13, 2020, the text was updated to include information about the roofs of the models, and the diagrams were updated to provide a reference points in step 8 on page 1.