Edited by Jane Rosemarin

In March 2020, I designed a model depicting a house with a heart instead of a door and called it Home Is where the Heart Is. Diagrams and a video tutorial were also published for it in an article in The Fold. When many more models with a similar theme popped up, in April 2020 I decided to write another article listing the 14 house and heart models I found, old and new. While the article was queued to be published, even more such designs were created.

It seems the emerging of new designs with this theme has now slowed down. So I feel like it is a good time to share with you an updated list that includes all the designs I am currently aware of. In the table below, entries that were not included in the original article are highlighted in blue.

I folded all but one design (22. Stay Home by しゅげい と おりがみ), for which I only found a photo, but no indication of how it might be folded. The models numbered in white were not included in the original article. You can see individual photos of all photographed models on my website.
# Date Model Designer Paper ratio Instructions (diagrams, video)
1 1995 House of Love Francis Ow 1:4 Origami Hearts
2 1996-10 Home Sweet Home II Sy Chen 1:1 Folding Hearts
3 2011-03 HIWTHI Tricia Tait 1:1 Creased Issue #2
4 2018-03 Speech to the young couple Hans Dybkjær 1:1 The Fold
5 2020-03-25 Home is where the heart is Sara Adams 1:1 The Fold
6 2020-03-28 Heart and Home Reza Sarvi 1:1 The Fold
7 2020-03-30 Stay Home Sticker Jass Ng 1:1 Instagram
8 2020-03-31 Un cuore e una capanna Francesco Mancini 1:1 The Fold
9 2020-04-05 Hogar Oz Neyer 1:1 Instagram
10 2020-04-08 Fica em Casa Isa Klein 1:1 YouTube
11 2020-04-10 Stay Home Jo Nakashima 1:1 YouTube
12 2020-04-11 #Stay_Home_Stay_Alive Sampreet Manna 1:1 The Fold
13 2020-04-12 Casinha com coração Lidiane Siqueira 1:1.75 YouTube
14 2020-04-13 Heart + House (Stay at Home) Hadi Tahir 1:1 The Fold
15 2020-04-13 Condomínio Isa Klein 1:1 YouTube
16 2020-04-15 La Casa de Papel Lidiane Siqueira 1:1 YouTube
17 2020-04-15 Fica em casa Tchami Suzuki 1:3 YouTube
18 2020-04-17 Stay Home (tall) カミキィ / Kamikey 1:1 YouTube
19 2020-04-17 Stay Home (short) カミキィ / Kamikey 1:1 YouTube
20 2020-04-20 Home Sweet Home - Pureland 1 Sy Chen 1:1 Google Photos
21 2020-04-20 Home Sweet Home - Pureland 2 Sy Chen 1:1 Google Photos
22 2020-04-21 Stay Home しゅげい と おりがみ 1:1
23 2020-04-22 Can Home be Squashed? Sy Chen 1:1 Sy Chen's website
24 2020-04-22 Stay Home Hearts Sergito Muñoz ~1:4 YouTube
25 2020-04-25 House with Heart Jane Rosemarin 1:2 The Fold
26 2020-04-25 Sweet Home Meenakshi Mukerji 1:1 origamee.net (pdf download)
27 2020-04-25 Sweet Home 2 Meenakshi Mukerji 1:1 origamee.net (pdf download)
28 2020-04-27 Heart in a House Michelle Fung 1:1 YouTube
29 2020-04-27 Stay Home Sticker Hadi Tahir 1:1 The Fold
30 2020-04-27 Casinha com coração Alice Haga 1:2 Instagram
31 2020-05-06 Little House on the Heart Laura Haglund 1:1 YouTube
32 2020-05-21 LoveMyHome Meenakshi Mukerji 1:1 The Fold
33 2020-05-21 LoveMyHome 2 Meenakshi Mukerji 1:1 The Fold
Left: the 14 models included in the previous article, renumbered to match the current list.
Right: the models that were added to the list in this article, except for #22.

I hope you enjoy this overview and that you’ll fold some of your own heart and house models, perhaps your favorites among the batch.

If you are you aware of more house and heart models, I’d love for you to let me know about them in the comments section. Or maybe this article will inspire you to design your own design with this theme.