Edited by Jane Rosemarin

For a long time, I had hoped to design a simple rose model that utilized something other than the twist technique perfected by Toshikazu Kawasaki (square) and Naomiki Sato (pentagon). My idea was to use the modular technique combined with simple shaping (dry or wet folded).

In 2018, I designed a modular goldsmith’s music box in the form of an egg enclosing a mechanical singing bird. The top of the model appeared, by chance, to look strikingly like a rosebud, so I returned to my quest to create a modular rose, and finally it happened!

A music box in the form of an egg with a singing bird inside.

The units are simple to fold, and the assembly is not that difficult. The tricky part is the shaping at step 17 of Martin Quinn’s diagrams. Martin did an amazing job of describing this sequence, which I try to explain at convention workshops. As a left-hander, my ergonomic habits lead to some interesting moves, but my folding methods are not that comfortable for everybody, so I am grateful to my friends who help to translate my methods into diagrams. Again, thank you very much, Martin!

Viviane Berty’s Rose and bud folded by the designer. See PDF diagrams.

Editor’s Note: A profile of Viviane Berty by Daniel Scher was published in The Fold in 2017.