by Cye Newman, Jane Rosemarin and A. Miranda van de Beek
The $House, folded and photographed by Jane Rosemarin. See PDF diagrams.

Text by Jane Rosemarin

Early in the pandemic, I taught my House With Heart at an Origami Minnesota Zoom meeting. Meanwhile, Cye Newman, who specializes in money folding, was creating a version from a dollar bill, using the bill’s extra length to form a chimney and a stand. I taught Cye’s model during World Origami Days 2022.

Diagrams for an updated version of my original house design are in Issue 67 of The Fold. This house doesn’t stand, and it doesn’t have a chimney, but it doubles as a corner bookmark: When the roof is slipped over the pages, a heart in a triangle appears on one side and a house on the other.

The Euro Edition

The house in euro proportions by A. Miranda van de Beek, left, alongside the dollar version at right. Folded and photographed by A. Miranda van de Beek. See PDF diagrams of the euro version. You will need diagrams for the dollar version to fold the first steps.

When Miranda van de Beek saw the description of the WOD class, she wrote to ask if the design could be folded from a euro note. Euros vary in size according to denomination, but all are proportionally shorter in length than a dollar. I experimented and failed. Then Miranda set to work. Her successful variation, her first foray into digital diagramming, is available above.