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by Shriram Patki
A sitting dog based on an earlier elephant design by the creator.
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Diagrams for an icosahedral design made with 30 quick-to-fold units from squares. The look is rather festive, and hence the name. You can fold the with thematic colors of the season to fit right in.
by Ushio Ikegami
This is the only diagrammed origami model that simulates a true mathematical fractal. It makes a pyramid shape with many branches. No one has yet successfully folded a version without cutting the paper; the version in the picture (folded by the author) was made by carefully cutting the crease pattern into several pieces, folding these using the recursive folding instructions, and then gluing them back together. The challenge of folding recursive diagrams as well as the dexterity involved to not destroy the paper easily put this model in the supercomplex category.
Two models from India: a pastry for Holi (shown) and hands in a gesture of greeting.
For the box enthusiast: a new collection with decorative lids.
A gift box that pops open in the most delightful way.
An elegant model by a creator who began designing when she was home in the pandemic.
Did you know that the A ratio has two distinct definitions? Edward Holmes offers a cheerful explanation.
The blintz fold from the early 18th century to the present, and how it has opened up possibilities for more complex origami design.
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by Thomas Cooper
There is a family of geometric solids, one of which is illustrated in a famous engraving by Albrecht Dürer, that poses some interesting origami challenges.
A tetrahedral gift box with a secure closure and a loop for hanging.
A box that opens with a pull and springs closed ... along with a variation.
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An Icosidodecahedron with sunken triangular faces based on a simple unit. Made from 12 pentagons, it is definitely meant for people who like challenges!
Another volume of complex figurative models from the press of Nicolas Terry.
Learn more about a designer of exquisite kusudamas, and try your hand at folding one.
Photo diagrams and an instructional video of this adorable baby penguin offer a challenging and satisfying folding experience for seasoned folders.
by Alireza Mohammadsalehi (Mesra')
A dog with lots of personality that can stand or be glued to a card.
Learn about these delightful monthly folding meetings hosted by Gerardo Gacharná via Zoom, of course.
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A rabbit-lover's take on Valentine’s Day.