Get your teams ready for the Oversized Folding Event for PCOC in Portland!

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Sok Song and Shrikant Iyer will be hosting a fold-tabulous event for PCOC this year! Each team will be given a sheet of 9-foot square paper to fold to their heart's content for 45 minutes. All participants will get a prize for being involved and will get a chance to show off what you folded with your team at the end of the event. So get your folding friends together, let us know what you will be folding, make up a fun team name, and have a blast folding super giant paper!

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  • Who is invited: Anyone who wants to participate!
  • Time: Friday night after the reception (maybe place time here)
  • Place: Main folding community room
  • Time Limit: 45 mins
  • Team size: 4-8 people
  • Size of paper provided: 9-foot square (if you are doing a modular model, you can prepare the paper beforehand for colors and sizes)

If you have any questions feel free to send an email to Soksong [at] also email him if you will be free during the day on Friday to help cut and prepare the paper for the event. Thanks!

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Photo credits: Andrew Cribb