Personalized Schedule

We've added a new page that contains your schedule for PCOC, including your classes, volunteering, and all PCOC activities. Bookmark this page for your one-stop reference for what, when and where! Find it in the menu at My PCOC > My Schedule.

Single Registration Form

In the past, we had multiple registration forms depending on whether you were a class-taker, hospitality-hanger-outer, guardian, aide, or staff. This year, there is a single registration form, which everyone attending PCOC can use. If you are a Guardian, Aide, or Staff, there is no registration fee. If your guardian or aide does not wish to purchase anything, you can just enter their name on your registration form and they will receive a name tag. If they do wish to purchase something, you can fill out a separate registration form. Staff should always fill out a separate form.

Online Advance Class Selection (Ticketing)

This year we will have an online advance class selection process. It is the same system used for the Annual Convention in New York where it has been wildly popular and successful, with over 90% of the class registrations coming in online.

You will be able to request your classes online in the weeks before PCOC. Then your personalized class schedule will be available on this website well before PCOC. A hard copy of your schedule will also be available on site at PCOC.

It is highly recommended for attendees to use the new online system since some classes will sell out prior to convention. For lots more information, please review the Taking Classes page and the Class Ticketing FAQ page.

PDF version of The 2019 PCOC Diagram Book

This year, in addition to (or instead of) ordering a hard copy of the 2019 PCOC Diagram Book, you can order a PDF copy with your registration. The ordered PDF copy will be delivered to your website account on Friday of PCOC. You will receive an email when it is ready, and will find it in the file downloads section of your account.

To be eligible to order a PDF on your registration form, you must register for "Attending With Classes" or "Attending Without Classes" for at least one day, and can only order a PDF as part of your own registration (i.e., registration for the logged-in website account owner).

Fun Activities!

Design Challenge

The theme of the PCOC 2019 design challenge is Weird. This is from the phrase included in the PCOC 2019 logo: “Keep It Weird!”, which originates from Portland’s popular slogan: “Keep Portland Weird.” So, let’s design a weird and unusual origami model for this super fun design challenge, and “Keep Origami Weird!”

See more details here.

Origami Dress Attire for Saturday Banquet

Bring out your best origami attire. Let’s make the Portland PCOC Banquet an origami fashion extravaganza! See ideas here.

TAROS (The Amazing Race Origami Style)

This year, you will have an opportunity to compete in The Amazing Race with an origami twist.

The event will take place on Sunday evening in the main ballroom. Teams of three will sign up during convention. At the beginning of the race, each stop will be explained. All stops are origami-related and open to all ages and skill levels. If you choose not to compete, we hope you will watch and cheer on the teams.

No pre-convention preparation is needed to participate.

We hope you’ll join us in making history with the first Amazing Race Origami Style.

Experience Silent Auction Items and Remote Bidding

This year we will plan to offer some ‘experience-based’ Silent Auction items, e.g., a lesson with a master, a diagramming session, and so on. Some of these will be available for remote bidding.

More Help!

This year if you need help, we’ve added a new feature. In addition to looking for people with red ribbons on their nametags, or going to the Information Desk, you can also look for people with red vests, and a button saying “Ask Me.”