So you've decided to come to PCOC. Wonderful, you'll have a great time!

You'll want to register quickly, for several reasons:

  • First, the prices will go up over time.
  • Second, class selection (ticketing) is somewhat dependent on how early you register. The first day's registrations are lotteried together, and after that ticketing priority is assigned in order of postmark, online input timestamp, or fax/email receipt.

Early registration is essential for our planning purposes. Our pricing schedule therefore encourages early sign-up. On-site registration will be available, but with additional cost.

If you have already registered but would like to add meals, the PCOC 2019 diagram book and/or T-shirts to your already-completed registration, use the "Forgot Something?" form on this page.

Now you've got a few more decisions to make.

Registration Options

PCOC Value Package or a la carte? The PCOC Value Package (PVP) is a specially-priced combination that includes:

  • Saturday and Sunday classes
  • Friday reception
  • Saturday banquet
  • PCOC 2019 T-Shirt
  • the PCOC 2019 diagram book
  • Welcome Kit (Tote Bag with pen and lots of paper and other goodies).

The a la carte selections allow you to pick and choose which days you want to attend, whether you want to take classes or not, what meals you want to include, etc.

The PVP is your best value, because it represents a savings of $135 compared to a la carte pricing, and you can still add additional a la carte options to your PVP.

  1. If you've decided to go with the PCOC Value Package, select the PCOC Value Package checkbox and select your T-shirt size. After that, you can decide if you want to add some of the options that are not included in the package. Those include the Thursday reception, Friday seminars, and breakfasts and lunches during the weekend. You can also order additional t-shirts and/or diagram books.
  2. If you'd prefer to use the a la carte options, don't check the PCOC Value Package checkbox and instead select all your items from the a la carte section. The a la carte class attendance options of with or without classes include the Welcome Kit. T-shirts, meals, or books must be selected individually.
  3. Do you have a non-folding companion with you? If the person with you is a guardian for an under-age child, or an aide for someone with special needs, there is no charge. We will provide a single name tag for the weekend that can be used by multiple people at different times. Just put the name(s) of your guardian/aide on your registration form. If the non-folder wishes to order meals or T-shirts, you can fill out a separate registration form for them. Guardians are not permitted in the classrooms unless they are allowed by the teacher, but may sit in the Community Folding Area or outside the classrooms.
  4. Does your non-folding companion want to volunteer at least two hours per day? Many guardians and friends find that they love their volunteering experience at our conventions, and come back year after year to help – and isn't it better than just sitting, bored, waiting for their folder to come back? Just sign them up by selecting "Staff" on the registration form and we'll provide a name tag that will enable them to go into all areas except classrooms. Then you can sign in with your web account into our Volunteer System and explore the many fun opportunities we have for them.
  5. Would you like to volunteer? We need lots of help before, during and immediately after PCOC for set-up, area supervision, monitoring and break-down. Explore the options in the Volunteer System, and remember – if you are a folder that volunteers during class time, you will be entitled to Priority Ticketing!
  6. Did you forget something on your original registration? Once you've completed your registration, but hours or days later realize you forgot (or just decided) to order a meal or T-shirt, or diagram book, you can still do it by using the "Forgot Something?" form. Please note that you can only add to your original registration, not change a choice.


Pricing details are here.

  • After August 23 there will be a 20% late fee.
  • Registrations at the door will incur an additional $20 fee.
  • The PCOC Value Package and all meals (receptions, banquet, breakfasts, lunches) will not be available after August 29.


  • Cancel on or before September 2: full refund.
  • Cancel after September 2: No monetary refund but we'll send you a Sorry Kit.

To cancel, send an email to pcoc-registration [at] and include a copy of your registration receipt email.

Registration Forms

Everyone must register using this form, even if they are only volunteering or teaching.

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  • Registration for PCOC 2019 is closed.