If you did not sign up for classes via the online advance ticketing process or you want to make changes to your online class assignments, you can do so using the on-site ticketing process (which is similar to the regular ticketing process in prior years) during the morning ticketing period each day (see Hours for times).

Those who did not register online and those who did will line up in ticketing sequence number order as usual.

Online registrants will have a printout of their schedules, which can be edited to reflect additional requests and/or changes. Onsite registrants will use the current ticketing forms.

When your number is called, you will get in the queue in order by ticketing sequence number (the one on the back of your convention badge) to get your class assignments. You will give your completed form (or your marked-up schedule) to the ticketer when you get to the front.

Before you get in the ticketing line, you should have a good idea of what your first, second and third choices are, at the very least. As you wait for your number to be called, listen for the announcements on sold-out classes and adjust your choices accordingly. If you need additional forms, the line monitors will have them available.

A list of classes that have sold out online will be posted before on-site registration begins.

The ticketing form and the online schedule printout will serve for admission to classes; there will be no more individual class tickets.

Class sign-up forms, prepopulated with the names of online registrants, will replace the tickets at the ticketing table. The sign-up forms will remain available for the rest of the day so that people can add their names to available slots or cross out current entries. Teachers can use the sign-up forms to take a roll call if they wish to do so—probably necessary only if the class is sold out and there is overcrowding.

There are many sources to use in preparing your class choices: the online schedule (with pictures), the on-site model menu, or the printed schedules available at the Information Desk in the Community Folding Room. You might even start before the final schedule is posted, by following the Class Preview pages that are set up as classes are being entered, also with pictures (see Class Schedules and Previews).