Online Advance Ticketing

This year, we introduce the new online advance ticketing process! No more standing in lines each morning of convention: instead, you will request your classes online in the weeks before PCOC. Also before PCOC, classes will be assigned to attendees, and you will be able to see a personalized class schedule on this very website well before PCOC! A hard copy of your schedule will also be available at PCOC itself. Here's how it works.

The process of registration for PCOC and signups to teach classes work the same way they always have; there are separate forms to register for PCOC and to sign up to teach on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

And, as usual, once we know who's teaching what, we'll create the class schedule and post it. That's when things change! At that point, we will open class requests.

Class Requests Period

A one-week period will be devoted to processing your class requests. See the schedule below for exact dates.

When requests open, you can go to PCOC 2019 > My PCOC > My Classes to begin entering your requests. For each day that you are registered for classes, you will select the classes you'd like to take and arrange them in order of preference. We'll use your order of preference for class assignment. You will order all of your requests for all days together in one list. We'll try to get everyone at least one of their top picks. Teachers and volunteers will include their special priority ticketing choices here as well.

We’ve prepared a printable document and a tutorial video to provide advice and illustrated instructions to help you with the request selection process. The document and video concentrate on a step-by-step process to guide you through the actual request processing pages. In addition, we provide an annotated worksheet (shown in the video) for those who prefer to compile a list of classes that interest them before actually entering their requests.

Also, during this period, there will be a special email address for any ticketing-related questions: pcoc-ticketing [at]

At the end of the request period, we'll close requests and make class assignments. Details of how that's done are described here, but suffice it to say that we think it's a LOT more equitable than the old system. And you'll get to see what classes you are taking well in advance of PCOC. (And did we mention no standing in line on the morning of PCOC?)

If, for some reason, you miss the online ticketing system (or you registered REALLY late, like at the door), don't worry; there will still be some classes available for last-minute attendees. But we expect that the vast majority of PCOC attendees will request and receive their classes via the online advance process.

Schedule of Class-Related Dates

  • July 29: PCOC registration begins
  • July 29–Aug 23: Registration to teach; class previews posted
  • Aug 19: Broadcast classes posted
  • Aug 23 AM: Registration to teach closed
  • Aug 23 PM: Preliminary schedule posted
  • Aug 26 AM: Final schedule posted; request classes opens
  • Aug 26–Sept 2: Request classes
  • Sept 2: Request classes closed; processing class assignments starts
  • Sept 2–Sept 4: Processing class assignments
  • Sept 5: Class assignments are posted
  • Sept 13: PCOC begins

Questions about Online Advance Ticketing

If you have questions about the Online Advance Ticketing process, please read through our new FAQ on Ticketing. If you still have questions, send them to pcoc-ticketing [at]

Ticketing for Late and On-Site Registration

If you registered after the close of the class request period, registered on-site, or missed online requests for any other reason, there will still be on-site class signups each morning as we have done in years past. You can also add, drop, and/or replace classes using the on-site ticketing process. Details of that process are here.

Teacher Feedback

After PCOC, we'd very much like to get your feedback on the classes you took! Please fill out a feedback form as soon as you can after taking a class. We pass this information back to the teachers (anonymously) and use it to make improvements for next year.

  • Teacher Feedback forms are closed.

Information for Students

Please read through the pages linked below on classroom etiquette and origami difficulty. Origami folks are, in general, a friendly and forgiving lot, but you can help keep things running smoothly by following the generally accepted norms of behavior (etiquette) and only signing up for classes at your folding level. Don't get in over your head!