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PCOC 2019 is open for registration!

PCOC 2019 Roommate Finder

If you would like to find a roommate to share the expense of the hotel while you are at PCOC 2019, please post or reply to a comment here. This page is for potential roommates to find each other (OrigamiUSA will not be matching you with a roommate). You will need to make contact with the people who post and make arrangements for the hotel yourselves.

In your comment, please include information regarding what you are looking for in a roommate. This could include gender, neatness, morning lark, night owl, etc. Please also post contact info and the best way to reach you, e.g. email, Facebook, or other. Comments are only visible to people who have signed in to a website account, so they are not visible to the wide world of web-crawlers and indexing robots. There are a few thousand website accounts, so there's still a fair amount of visibility; keep that in mind when posting contact information. If you're worried about posting any contact info at all, Google and others make it fairly easy to set up "throwaway" email accounts for such purposes.


First time Origami Conventioneer, easygoing, Buddhist.
Senior Female, Non smoking, intermediate folder. (working on tessellations)
Would like to keep my costs low as possible. Gender of roommates doesn't matter to me.
wraclow [at]

Have my room. Thanks.

I myself am tessellation designer mid age male. Could use; perfer a group of 2 or more to keep the costs down. (Back in Alberqerque I think I stayed in a sort of suite with 2 rooms connected. It had space for many so cost was down which was good).
If it still ends up high I can try a different hotel.

My email is nyuro1 [at]