Welcome to your first Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Conference. This page will give you some information about what to expect. Please email pcoc-info [at] origamiusa.org if you have any questions.

Getting Ready

You will have a yellow First Timer ribbon attached to your name tag. This lets other convention goers, especially PCOC Pros, (with blue ribbons on their name tags), know to be quick to answer questions and help you through the process.

Paper will be supplied, so just bring your folding tools (i.e. scissors, tweezers, ruler, glue) or other items (i.e. notebook, pen). Some shoe boxes will be available to keep your treasures safe over the weekend. If you live locally, please try to bring your own box.

Choosing Your Classes

This year we will have an online advance class selection process. It is the same system used for the Annual Convention in New York where it has been wildly popular and successful, with over 90% of the class registrations coming in online. You will be able to request your classes online in the weeks before PCOC. Then your personalized class schedule will be available on this website well before PCOC. A hard copy of your schedule will also be available on site at PCOC.

It is highly recommended for attendees to use the new online system since some classes will sell out prior to convention. For lots more information, please review the Taking Classes page and the Class Ticketing FAQ page.

In the Classrooms

The classes are not overly structured, but quiet attention and politeness are requested. Please be on time for classes, and please do not try to attend a class for which you have not registered, as you may be asked to leave.

It's a good idea to let the person sitting next to you know you might have questions or need help. Teachers have a variety of styles and may present instructions differently from what you're used to. The convention community is good at helping make this a positive and successful experience.

Our students range in age from 9 to 95! It's a pleasure to see people of all ages appreciating each other. If you wish to accompany your child to a class, you must be signed up for classes yourself. If the child is old enough to be permitted to attend by himself or herself, you are welcome to wait outside the room. If you're not going to be there when the class is over, please make arrangements with another responsible adult to meet the child after class. And, please, take your child out of the room if he or she is having difficulty being quiet


The Information Desk in the Community Folding Room is staffed at all times. If you need help or have a question, ask anyone (everyone will be very friendly), but especially look for red ribbons (Board Members and PCOC Committee), or blue ribbons (PCOC Pros).

Remember that all teachers are volunteers. Please help them whenever you can. Here is a guide to classroom etiquette.

Check the Hours page for the hours of the Exhibition, Silent Auction and Paper Tree, our fantastic paper vendor for PCOC.

In addition, look for people in red vests, with "Ask Me" buttons. They’re part of the organizing team.