We want to give you the opportunity to do some early shopping for PCOC 2019. Below are two lists of seller types that you may contact and preorder from. The seller will make a note of what you wish to purchase and will bring the item(s) to the convention*.


If you are a vendor and wish to offer merchandise for preorders, please make sure to first register through the vendor page. For those offering preorderable items on consignment, you must also register your specific items on the consignments page before or after filling out the preorder registration form below.

You have registered the following preorder information:



  • Preorder registration is now closed.

Preorder from Vendors

If you preorder from a vendor, please visit their table at the convention for payment and pickup.

To order from our main vendor, Paper Tree, please visit their convention page for details.

Available vendor details:

  • —None—

Preorder from Consignment

If you preorder from a person that will be selling via consignment, for pickup you will need to visit the main vendor, Paper Tree, since they will be handling all consignment sales. 10% of your purchase will be taken out as compensation for selling the item(s) and 90% will go to the owner.

Available consignment details:

  • —None—

*Please note: all preorders are agreements directly between the customer and the vendor or consignor. OrigamiUSA has no responsibility to the buyer that the vendor or consignor (other than Paper Tree) will have the product at PCOC. Similarly, OrigamiUSA has no responsibility to the vendor that the buyer will show up and buy the item they promised to buy.