Many of our attendees tell us that their volunteer experiences are what make PCOC most satisfying. If you haven't volunteered before, why not try it this year? It's an opportunity to meet interesting people and see PCOC in a whole new light.

On the Friday of PCOC, we will need people to help set up. During PCOC, we will need people to help with Registration, Ticketing, Model Menu, and Silent Auction. On Sunday evening we need people to help take down and pack up. Even one hour of your time will help.

Volunteers who give up an hour or more of their class time may be eligible to receive Priority Ticketing for classes (details here).

All volunteers must register for volunteering (in addition to any other activities you are registering for), as follows:

PCOC Attendees

If you wish to sign up for volunteering,

  1. You must register for PCOC, even if you are not taking classes.
  2. Then you can create a volunteer identity for yourself and sign up for volunteer tasks.

Non-folder Accompanying a Folder

If you are a non-folder accompanying a folder, volunteering is a fun way to fill your waiting time.

  1. Please create a volunteer identity for yourself (you must be logged in to your website account).
  2. After you've done that, you can either sign up for volunteer tasks or we can assign you (which we'll discuss with you, of course).

If you commit to volunteering for two or more hours per day, please complete the Registration form as Staff so we can arrange for you to have a Staff Badge, which will allow appropriate access for your volunteering tasks.

If you volunteer in any way, someone will contact you before PCOC via email to confirm your assignment. If you have any other questions about volunteering, please contact the Volunteer Committee at pcoc-volunteering [at]