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PCOC 2019 planning is underway! Note, some pages (ticketing, sponsors, etc) still need updating. All details will be finalized by July 31, 2019. Registration will open in early August, 2019.

PCOC 2019 Prices

When you register for PCOC you can choose the PCOC Value Package (PVP) or choose the a la carte pricing. Most attendees choose the PVP since it is the best value. For a full explanation, see Registration.

PCOC Value Package

The PCOC Value package is a $330 value for only:

  • $195 through August 23 (a discount of $135)
  • $234 from August 24–29 (a discount of $96)

While you can choose any combination of class days and events (see below), if you check the PCOC Value Package box, you get the following:

  • Saturday attending with classes
  • Sunday attending with classes
  • Friday reception
  • Saturday banquet
  • Any size T-shirt
  • Diagram book (print copy or PDF)

When you order the PCOC Value Package, you will see the PCOC Value Package Discount applied in the Fees section of your registration form.

Note that the Thursday reception, Friday classes, breakfasts, lunches, and extra T-shirts are NOT include in the PCOC Value Package,but you may order any of those a la carte.

After August 23, there will be a 20% late fee. Registrations at the door will incur an additional $20 fee.

The PCOC Value Package and all meals will be unavailable after August 29.

A La Carte Pricing

After August 23, a 20% late fee will be added to the below.


  • Days with classes: $90/day
  • Days without classes; $75/day

Receptions and Banquet

  • Thursday evening reception: $30
  • Friday evening reception: $55
  • Saturday Banquet: $65

Grab-n-go Breakfasts and Lunches

  • Grab-n-go breakfast Saturday: $12
  • Grab-n-go breakfast Sunday: $12
  • Grab-n-go lunch Friday: $18
  • Grab-n-go lunch Saturday: $18
  • Grab-n-go lunch Sunday: $18


  • Short-sleeved unisex T-shirt: $20

Diagram Book

  • PCOC 2019 diagram book: $10


Vendor tables are available at $25/day per six-foot table. For more information, see Vendors.