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PCOC 2019 planning is underway! Note, some pages (ticketing, sponsors, etc) still need updating. All details will be finalized by July 31, 2019. Registration will open in early August, 2019.

PCOC 2019 Forgot Something?

Would you like to add meals, PCOC 2019 diagram book, and/or T-shirts to your already-completed registration? Now you can. Using the "Forgot Something?" registration form below, you can add any or all of these items to your PCOC registration. This is only for people who have already registered; if you haven't yet registered, you'll find all of these options on the regular registration form.

(Please note that this form does not check for duplicates or alter what's already in your regular registration. If you ordered a small T-shirt in your regular registration and order a medium on the add-on form, you'll get charged for and will receive two T-shirts.)

Your "Forgot Something?" registrations:

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  • Registration for PCOC "Forgot Something?" will open on July 29, 2019.