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PCOC 2019 planning is underway! Note, some pages (ticketing, sponsors, etc) still need updating. All details will be finalized by July 31, 2019. Registration will open in early August, 2019.

PCOC 2019 Teaching Classes

The success of the OrigamiUSA PCOC depends upon our volunteer teachers! If you teach at PCOC, you may be eligible for Priority Ticketing. Details of how Priority Ticketing works are here. If you have any questions, write to us, and mark your envelope PCOC 2019 Teaching, or contact us at pcoc-teaching [at]

Register to Teach A Class

You must register for PCOC (even if you are not taking classes) before you can sign up to teach.

Remember that we must have the creators' permission to teach their designs, and that diagrams may be distributed only with permission from the diagrammer and creator.

These forms are for those who know what they want to teach. If you don't know what you want to teach, take a look at what people are requesting, or for further ideas, please contact us at pcoc-teaching [at]

Your Friday teaching submissions:

  • None

Your Saturday/Sunday teaching submissions:

  • None


  • Registration for PCOC Teaching on Friday will open on July 29, 2019.
  • Registration for PCOC Teaching on Saturday/Sunday will open on July 29, 2019.

Impact of Online Class Registration

The introduction of online class registration this year will have an impact in several ways on teaching classes:

  • The cutoff date for entering classes is earlier than it was in the years before online registration. It is firmly fixed and cannot be extended, because the final class schedule must be posted before online class registration can begin. You can see the relevant dates here under "Schedule of Class-Related Dates." Note that, as usual, the preliminary schedule will be posted several days before the final schedule is uploaded, preceded by an email announcement. After that time, modifications to the schedule will be made only to correct any errors.
  • The increased importance of providing good photographs and descriptions on the web class preview pages (see below): The online schedule will be the "virtual model menu" for online registration, and its photos are uploaded from the web preview pages. Therefore, it is more important than ever to make sure that the background is neutral and the photos are clear. Providing an image is optional, but we strongly recommend it; we have found that few people sign up online for a class if there is no image.
  • Priority ticketing for teachers: See how priority ticketing works in the new environment.

Class Previews

When you register to teach a class, a description of your class will immediately appear on our class preview web pages. Within the teaching registration form you will have the option to upload up to three photos of your model, which will be shown on the class preview web page. Uploading photos is optional—but very important for the online class registration system (as indicated above). Please do not delay telling us what you want to teach, even if you don't have a photo. It can be added later if you attach it to an email addressed to pcoc-teaching [at]

Once your teaching form is entered, the following fields will be shown on the class preview web page: Teacher Name, Model Name, Description, Level, Special Requirements (if any), and Image (the photo, if you submitted one).

See the class preview pages here:

  • Class preview pages will open on July 29, 2019.

Model Menu

The physical model menu continues to be an important feature of PCOC, partly to accommodate on-site registration and partly because it is a beautiful visual focus of PCOC environment.

Your model for display on the Model Menu must be available in the Hospitality Area no later than TBD. If your travel plans do not allow you to deliver your model by then, please mail it to the OrigamiUSA office so that it arrives by TBD. Mark the box "Model Menu" and mail it to TBD.

Your sample should be appealing, but please make certain that it is bigger than 3" and smaller than 8" to fit the space available. Model Menu samples need to be picked up by 4 pm on Sunday. Any that remain will be considered a contribution to the organization.

Teaching Materials

As in past years, we will try to accommodate requests for special materials (primarily paper) for our teachers, as specified on the teaching forms. If we can't match your requirements exactly, we try to find an alternative that is acceptable.

An email summary of the materials to be ordered is always sent, which states: Please reply to this email, confirming, correcting, or canceling your request for special materials. If we don't receive your confirmation, we'll have to assume that the request is canceled.

In the past, many teachers have not responded as requested and we have not followed through with the cancellation. However, we have found that—much too often—materials ordered are not picked up. Therefore, this year we will cancel any unconfirmed orders.

One additional note on materials: 6-inch and 10-inch foil will no longer be included in the survival kits. So, if you need it for your class and don't wish to provide it yourself, you will need to ask us to order it for you.

Information for Teachers

If you are planning (or considering) teaching a class at PCOC, please read through the information below to help plan your class, its level, and to insure a smooth and successful activity.

On-Site Training for Teachers

There will be a Teaching Skills session, to highlight best practices for those volunteering to teach. It will be held in the Hospitality Area on TBD. Check the Hours page for the scheduled time.