People will have the opportunity to participate in PCOC 2019, even if they can't attend: Broadcast Classes! You can register and join selected classes remotely via the internet, with the option to ask questions of the instructor and interact with the other class attendees, as in on-site classes.

When you register for a Broadcast class, you will receive an email with details, guidelines and instructions on how to attend the class. You will need a computer connected to the Internet and a browser that supports the web-conferencing platform (test instructions will be included in the email).

You can view the class in real time and will also be able to view it after the event. After you sign up, you will be sent a link for the live event. After PCOC, the recording will be edited and you will be sent another link to the recording.

Broadcast classes have a $10 fee for each class.

  • Online registration for Broadcast Classes is closed.

Here are the classes that will be available:


*Origami Design Workshop by Michael Assis
Level: Intermediate
In this workshop I'll present some design techniques that will be practiced in class by everyone -- in particular, border and diagonal grafting techniques. Come with enthusiasm to learn and creativity to apply the technique to create your own unique designs. Note: This class will originate remotely and will be broadcast into a PCOC classroom.


*Picasso Tear & Walking Cube by João Charrua
Level: Intermediate
Two models will be taught in this class. One is completely 2D with a color change and the other is full 3D. Two simple and fun models are offered so you can have a good time. You have to be fan of Cubism.

*Wearable Origami Crane Hat by Timothy Rickman
Level: Intermediate
Learn how to fold this unique Origami Crane Hat. Impress your friends! Be the talk at parties! (Large paper will be provided in class, however, if you would like to bring your own paper for a wearable hat, make sure the side length of your square is 1.366 times the measurement of your head circumference.) The most difficult steps of this model are re-folding a crease partially within a pocket, inserting a flap into a pocket, and rabbit ear folds. If you can fold a traditional origami crane nicely you should be able to fold this model.

*Mouse by Oriol Esteve
Level: High Intermediate
This cute model has tiny color changes on the head and nice 3D ears that achieve great expressiveness.


*Octagonal Star Pot by Robert J. Lang
Level: High Intermediate
This is a 3D pot folded from a square, High Intermediate in difficulty. The hardest individual steps are merely squash folds, but there will be tiny tabs going into tiny pockets, and if you don't fold crisply and precisely, the model will blow up in the final step; only take this class if you're a precise folder. It is recommended that large squares be used, preferably 13-14 inches; kami is fine.

*Desert Rose by Toshikazu Kawasaki
Level: Intermediate
This modular model reflects the fun of paper overlaps. There are many arrangements you can make with this model. Most recently designed in August 2019. Please bring 6" squares. You need multiples of 6 sheets. Standard is 12 sheets. No glue.

*Duck by Jared Needle
Level: High Intermediate
It's a duck. Oregon likes ducks right? Small detailed folds and a closed unwrap make this a bit trickier than it looks, but it's worth it.

*Tessellated Lampshade by Michael Assis
Level: Complex
A 3D tessellation lampshade will be taught starting from a pre-folded triangular grid. The folded triangular grid should be on a square piece of paper with divisions of 24 or 32. Each person must bring with them a pre- folded triangular grid folded on a square piece of paper with divisions of 24 or 32. Familiarity with tessellations / corrugations is not necessary but preferable. Students on-site will be given a sheet of 12-inch tant to work with. 10-inch kami can be used but is not preferable.